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How does it work?

Smaller, lighter and easier to install

The smaller size, lower weight and unique shaftless design means the Alpha 311 turbine can be installed almost anywhere.

The turbine is most efficient when placed next to a road or railway where it harvests airflow from passing vehicles and generates electricity even when the wind isn’t blowing.

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Why is it different?

Why is the turbine different?

The Alpha 311 turbine will be different to existing turbines. These differences are not just about how it is designed and engineered, but how it will be used and work.

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Got questions?

Frequently asked questions

As you can probably imagine we have built up quite a set of questions about Alpha 311 and our turbines.

Although those questions have come from 160 countries around the world, we’ve noticed that a handful of queries come up time and again.

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We're working with a number of businesses, councils and communities to help them meet decarbonisation targets, address fuel poverty and generate new revenue streams.

Decarbonise your community and business.

business and residential buildings

Hit net-zero targets.

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End fuel poverty in your local community.

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Lower transmission costs and create a new revenue stream.

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