What if every telecom tower could be a source of renewable energy?

There are an estimated 426,000 ground-based and rooftop telecoms towers in Europe alone.

This sector is expected to grow annually by 1-3% over the next 5 years due to 5G deployments.

A huge number of these towers are powered by diesel generators, releasing millions of tons of CO2 annually, and leading to huge fossil fuel bills.

Some telecoms business are looking at how our turbines can be retrofitted to their telecoms towers, taking advantage of their height and location to harness the natural wind and create green electricity.

Introducing the Alpha 311 VAWT

As well as providing essential communications, let's put telecoms towers to work in the fight against climate change.

The Alpha 311 turbine is a unique energy-harvesting turbine, designed to be retrofitted to existing infrastructure and can capture natural airflow when installed onto telecom masts.

Potential to generate enough energy, from one turbine, to cover the requirements of a typical 5G microcell.

As well as towers, Alpha 311 turbines can power existing data centres and buildings with local renewable energy.

The benefits of Alpha 311

The Alpha-311 turbines are smaller, lighter, and cheaper to install than traditional turbines.

Retroļ¬t to existing telecoms masts.

Reduce the reliance on fossil fuel generators.

Contribute to organisational net neutral goals.

Do you want to know more about how existing telecoms towers can be used to drive renewable energy generation?