How does it work?

The Alpha 311 turbine is smaller, lighter and easier to install than traditional turbines.

The smaller size, lower weight and unique shaftless design means the Alpha 311 turbine can be installed almost anywhere.

The turbine is most efficient when placed next to a road or railway where it harvests airflow from passing vehicles and generates electricity even when the wind isn’t blowing.

A sophisticated sensor array collects localised atmospheric data.

At roadsides, our turbines are attached to existing lighting columns close to roads, where they can harvest the massive untapped energy produced by moving vehicles.

Think about the last time a car or truck rushed past you – we’re collecting that airflow.

turbine function diagram

Why is it different?

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How can it be used?

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Got questions?

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Follow our progress

Alpha turbine in wind tunnel

January 2024

The Alpha 311 turbine recently entered the next stage of testing, being put through its paces at the University of Southampton wind tunnels.


Motorway at night with car light streams

June 2023

We know we’ve been quiet lately, but we have a good reason! Here’s our new, full-size wind turbine.


Alpha turbines at The O2

October 2021

The O2 in London has become the first venue in the world to install our ground-breaking wind turbines.


Alpha turbine with The O2 in the background

July 2021

The first O2 Arena turbine is ready! Earlier this year, we announced that The O2 Arena London will be the first venue in the world to trial our vertical axis wind turbines.


Mark 10 turbine

December 2020

We would like to introduce you to Tom, the Alpha 311 Mk.X prototype. Easier to retrofit onto any lighting column or pole. As soon as we got it installed it started to generate energy! We will learn so much from this prototype – what a difference the carbon fibre skin, the recycled P.E.T core and the new blades will make.

3 years of hard work has gone into developing it and shows what teamwork can achieve.


September 2020

A year since the Mk. I and progress to the Mk. IX shows the progress from the first investigation to see if our idea for a wind turbine with no central shaft, that rotated around a static pole (or in this case a piece of plastic pipe) was even feasible.

A year later and we have built a further eight versions of the blade assembly and have shown that we can produce energy in natural airflow.


prototype turbine

July 2020

Testing continues on the blade assembly but using natural wind, rather than on the motorway (where it’s designed to be used).