What if you could end fuel poverty in your community?

In the fight against climate change, we must also tackle fuel poverty.

More than 1.2 billion people across the world lack access to electricity, and the problem isn’t limited to developing nations. With dramatic increases in energy bills, there are currently five million UK households in fuel poverty.

Increasing green infrastructure investments and creating more sustainable towns is a priority for many communities. However, the existing renewable energy models don’t always make this viable.

For example, energy generated from on and off-shore wind farms goes back into the grid, sold to a third-party, who then sell that to the local community, meaning that locals aren’t always benefitting, which adds to the fuel poverty crisis.

We’re talking to communities around the world about how we can help build more equitable and sustainable towns, villages and neighbourhoods.

Introducing the Alpha 311 VAWT

The Alpha 311 turbine is a unique energy-harvesting turbine, designed to be retrofitted to existing infrastructure, like council buildings or car parks in a town centre.

Each turbine can generate energy directly where the demand is and reduce transmission costs.

Decentralised energy solutions like the Alpha 311 turbine can have a longer-term positive impact on local communities and address fuel poverty.

This new and innovative turbine gives communities an opportunity for energy cost savings that benefits those most in need.

The benefits of Alpha 311

Create decentralised energy networks (microgrids).

Tackle fuel poverty Improve finances of local communities.

Fight environmental injustice.

Generate community funds and learning.

Alleviate the financial burden on local communities via energy cost savings and a unique revenue generation.

Would your community benefit from Alpha 311 wind turbines?