What if you could turn a road into a source of renewable energy?

In this climate emergency, governments and local councils must reduce their own carbon footprint.

They must limit their impact on the climate and meet agreed commitments to be carbon neutral by 2030.

In order to meet these targets, forward-thinking councils must to work with partners and local communities on a variety of initiatives and projects. They must address their impact in their local area and create opportunities for regeneration and economic growth, or generate income to fund investments.

The Alpha 311 turbine can support government and local council environmental strategies, and help them take a more local approach that truly benefits their communities.

Introducing the Alpha 311 VAWT

The Alpha 311 is a unique energy-harvesting turbine that has been designed to be retrofitted to existing infrastructure such as streetlights alongside roads.

Highways England manages the Strategic Road Network, but councils own and manage all other roads in their districts: that's more than 7 million streetlights in England alone.

All governments and councils have an opportunity to use their existing road infrastructure to create renewable energy that benefits local communities.

One Alpha 311 turbine, placed on a road and harvesting the untapped air from moving vehicles, can generate as much energy as 30 solar panels.

The benefits of Alpha 311

Generate renewable energy, locally.

Create a new revenue stream.

Reduce climate impact.

Power local road infrastructures.

Save money while also meeting climate targets.

Create manufacturing and service jobs.

Power local community buildings e.g. schools and hospitals.

Would you like to see Alpha 311 turbines on roads in your area?