Using traffic to power our planet

What is Alpha 311

The Alpha 311 vertical axis wind turbine creates power where it’s needed most.

It’s smaller, lighter, cheaper and easier to install than traditional turbines.

A sophisticated sensor array collects localised atmospheric data

And it turns even when there’s no wind.

How does it work?

Our turbines are attached to existing lighting columns close to roads, where they can harvest the massive, untapped energy produced by moving vehicles.

Think about the last time a car or truck rushed past you. That power and energy is what we’re collecting.

Cars and trucks aren’t going away, so let’s make them work for the environment and for local communities.


Electricity flow up to street lights


Sensor array


Bearing collar (under protective hood)


Alpha 311 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


Electricity flow down to the power grid


Street light column

How the Alpha 311 vertical axis wind turbine works

How is Alpha 311 different?

  • Local communities receive power
  • Retrofit design means our turbines can fit onto existing lighting columns
  • Smaller than traditional turbines
  • Cheaper to build and install
  • 360° blades harvest energy from all angles
  • Recyclable
  • Generates energy without natural wind
  • Smart sensors gather granular, localised data
A311 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Diagram/ImpressionOne A311 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine can generate as much power as 24 solar panels.24 solar panels measuring 1m2 will produce 6KW per day.

Our Vision

We want to power every streetlight in the world using free, clean energy.

The UK spends £900m each year on street lighting. Italy spends €1.7bn.

Imagine how much money we can save across the world.

We can see a future where the roads are filled with electric vehicles, powered by Alpha 311 turbines.

As those cars move, we collect their energy and the cycle continues.

And that’s just for starters; contact us to learn more about our global timeline.


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