Unsure about how to decarbonise your business?

Unless businesses and industries lower their emissions, we will struggle to meet net-zero targets.

All businesses, whatever the sector, need to find a way to reduce their carbon footprint. Many have sustainability ambitions, but it’s not always easy to find the solutions.

Some businesses and municipalities have gone some way to reducing their impact on the environment by putting new policies in place, increasing on-site recycling and renewing energy systems.

Business we’re talking to have decided to use Alpha 311 turbines to scale-up local renewable energy generation across manufacturing sites and distribution centres.

Introducing the Alpha 311 VAWT

The Alpha 311 turbine is a unique energy-harvesting turbine, designed to be retrofitted to existing infrastructure and can capture natural airflow when installed on top of buildings.

Generating your own energy is another way to reduce your carbon footprint and provide a sustainable solution to growing energy consumption.

Businesses we're working with include football clubs, energy companies and automobile companies.

Manufacturing sites, distribution centres or office buildings can become a source of renewable energy.

The benefits of Alpha 311

Provide locally-generated renewable energy.

Decarbonise your business.

Reduce carbon footprint, locally and globally.

Own the power that your business generates.

Can the Alpha 311 turbine help your business to decarbonise and produce more of its own renewable energy?