Alpha 311

Turbine undergoes university wind tunnel testing

Alpha 311 turbine in wind tunnel testing

The Alpha 311 turbine recently entered the next stage of testing, being put through its paces at the University of Southampton wind tunnels.

Here’s a short clip of the turbine inside the wind tunnel.

The successful tests coincided with an appearance on The Weather Channel, the top-rated and most-trusted weather network in America.

Alpha 311 CEO and co-founder Barry Thompson was interviewed on Pattrn– a show which focuses on the latest trends in climate and sustainability. Barry talked about the advantages of small wind and how Alpha 311 can benefit local communities, and we took the opportunity to share our wind tunnel footage with the world.

You can see the full segment here:

Co-founder John Sanderson said: “Wind tunnel testing is critical, allowing us to gather valuable data which drives ongoing development work.

“Every step we take is important, but testing in the wind tunnel feels even more so to the whole team. We are all looking forward to further scheduled wind tunnel and field testing ”

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