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Reflections on an extraordinary 2021

2021 in the sand

2021 has been another extraordinary year.

We ended 2020 being featured by BBC News South East talking about our ‘ingenious’ wind turbine and how it can create power where it’s needed most.

We’re now finishing 2021 with our turbines up and spinning at the London’s O2 Arena; the first venue in the world to use them. 


We followed that up with an announcement that New York City asphalt manufacturer Green Asphalt will be the first company in the United States to use our vertical-axis wind turbines.

In April, we were named one of Europe’s top start-ups, and being featured by Greenpeace Nederland meant the world to us.

Interest grew and even more questions came our way following the superb video from Dave Borlace at Just Have a Think. Dave’s video has now had more than 1m views.

This week we won the SACYR Generate Challenge award, entered by 245 entrants from 25 different countries. 

Overall, the interest from around the world has been outstanding. People from 91 different countries, have contacted us to find out more about our innovative VAWTs.

So yes, a lot has happened in 2021!


Never wanting to shy away from difficult conversations, we had an opinion on COP26, and we still believe that the world simply hasn’t gone far enough. Developing nations will feel the biggest impact of climate change and are the least able to afford its consequences.

Green energy has to be developed from the outset to be affordable. Otherwise, it will never be able to play its part in meeting necessary targets.

Yes, many countries have pledged millions to help meet ambitious climate targets, but new solutions must be embraced, including nuclear, wind, solar and hydro.

The same old approach isn’t going to work, not for us and certainly not for the developing world.  

Innovation and change are everywhere.

We’re all braced for what’s to come in 2022, which is undoubtedly going to be a difficult year for the energy market. Prices are predicted to continue to rise, and pressure is already mounting on the end-users.

All of us at Alpha 311 still believe that Energy as a Service (EaaS) could dramatically change the energy market and the world. Decentralising energy generation and producing it locally would lead to a massive increase in the adoption of renewable energy. The energy would also be cheaper because the transmission costs will be lower.

Innovations like the Alpha 311 VAWT are viable solutions and will make a difference to how we can all gain access to clean energy, on a local level.

We’re focused on developing a product that is cheaper to build, can be retrofitted to current infrastructure and reduces transmission costs. That will mean a reduction in costs to the end customer and therefore make green energy accessible to all.

Our mission for 2022 remains clear: we want to change the energy market, make energy affordable and address fuel poverty.

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