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The O2 Arena first venue in the world to use Alpha 311 turbines

The O2 Arena in London has announced that it will be the first venue in the world to trial our innovative vertical axis wind turbines.

The turbines will be erected around the arena, which is the world’s most popular music, entertainment and leisure venue.

More than nine million people visit the O2 each year, so plenty of visitors will get to see the units in action.

While our turbines were designed for use next to roads and railways, they can be used anywhere, and the O2 Arena is embracing their potential, and further proves the venue’s commitment to clean energy and exploring new ways to power our planet.

Our CEO, Barry Thompson, said: “We’re so pleased that The O2 is the first to sign up with us internationally. It’s not just a London landmark, it’s a global icon, and we couldn’t be more proud, or thankful, for The O2’s belief in us.

“This first order is just the beginning. Ten turbines aren’t quite enough to power a Rolling Stones concert, but they’ll easily handle one of The O2’s many restaurants.”

With just these 10 turbines, The O2 could produce up to an estimated 87,600 kWhs a year – the equivalent to the total electricity used by 23 British homes.

Lee Lacey, Facility Director at The O2 said: “We are so incredibly excited to be collaborating with the team at Alpha 311 and be the first venue in the world to install their commercial wind turbines. We have been searching for a suitable wind generated power source to help reduce our GHG emissions and assist in our ambition to achieve a carbon net zero venue.

“The opportunity to provide a local on-site source of power generation is huge and we hope this trial provides the launch pad of many more installations not only at The O2 and other AEG venues but across the Greenwich Peninsula and throughout the UK.”


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