Alpha 311

2020: a year of change and progress

2020 has been an extraordinary year in many ways, but for our team, the overriding theme has been one of change and progress.

Although, one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our reasons for developing the Alpha 311 onshore wind turbine. We want to produce and provide sustainable energy wherever it’s most needed.

So, what has changed?

Well, we’ve developed multiple prototypes, grown the team, had superb media coverage and seen a steep increase in global interest.
Shall we dig a bit deeper?


We developed nine prototypes in 2020 and have learnt so much. This video shows you where we started and where we are now, and the difference is startling.

What the video doesn’t show is the team of people (Alpha 311 and partners) who collaborated on our test and learn process. We know where our strengths lie, but we also know where we need help, so academics and engineers from across the UK and beyond have contributed their brainpower throughout the year.


As our prototypes got more ambitious, we needed to bring in some heavy-hitters to help guide the business.

In July, Sir Martyn Lewis CBE became our first non-exec board member. You’ll probably recognise him from his lengthy career as a news anchor, and his experience in the business, media and charitable sectors are vital to our mission.

Growth didn’t stop there, and in September, Sir Julian Horn-Smith was appointed Chairman. Sir Julian was one of the founding members of Vodafone Group, and his wealth of experience has been instrumental in steering Alpha 311 through 2020 and developing our plans for 2021.


We won’t be able to tackle the global energy crisis or help local communities with their energy needs if nobody knows about us. So, we’re eternally grateful to the websites, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio shows and social media accounts that talked about Alpha 311 this year. From A Plus to the BBC, local newspapers to the Daily Mail; the media is still a powerful force for good.

Interest and support

Since the BCA gave us our first bit of coverage, we’ve been inundated with messages and questions from people across the world wanting to know more about the Alpha 311 wind turbine (and our gorgeous new website has made it easier than ever for people to get in touch).

The level of support has been overwhelming and humbling, especially in a year that has been so hard for many people.

With growing global interest and conversations developing with businesses in the UK, USA, India and Europe, we’re starting 2021 with the wind in our sails.

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