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Frequently asked questions… answered! 

In the last three months, we’ve had more than 1,000 questions about Alpha 311 and our turbines.

Although those questions have come from 160 countries around the world, we’ve noticed that a handful of queries come up time and again.

So, here are the answers to some of those frequently asked questions.

What is the Alpha 311 wind turbine?

It’s a new revision on the vertical axis wind turbine design, but without a central shaft. Without the shaft the turbine can be retrospectively installed around a lighting column or other fixed pole. It also makes them much quieter.

How can I invest? Are you on the stock market?

We aren’t listed on any stock exchanges. If you’re interested in investing, let us know and we’ll get back to you.

How do your turbines generate energy?

We use a direct-drive magnetic motor. That means there’s only magnetic resistance and weight to overcome for the turbine to start turning.

Why put them on a motorway?

There are two ways to generate more energy from a wind turbine. You either make it bigger (hence the massive turbines you see out at sea or in the countryside) or you increase the air impacting it. By placing the Alpha 311 turbines on the motorway, we can use the airflow from traffic on either carriageway. This increases the airflow impacting on the turbine. If you can double the wind speed, then you can increase the amount of energy generated by up to a factor of eight.

Won’t your turbines impact cars as they drive past and slow them down?

No. Cars displace air when they move and have already expelled that energy. The turbine has no more impact on another vehicle than you do when you stand by the side of the road.

How do you know the science is right?

We’re working with experts at several universities who specialise in thermal and fluid dynamics to perfect the design.

Can you put them anywhere else?

Yes! We’re talking to companies interested in installing them on buildings, bridges, cell phone towers and alongside railway lines.

It’s very windy where I live, when can I buy one for my house?

Domestic versions of the turbine are on our roadmap, but our priority at this time is delivering to those industries that have high electrical usage. Everyone who has registered for our newsletter will be the first to know when we expect to start a residential version.

How much will the turbines cost?

We’re hope to eventually operate a model where the turbines can be leased to customers at a monthly rate, but we are currently focusing on the sale of turbines.

How much wind do they need to turn?

Our turbines will start generating power in winds of just 4mph.

What’s the cut-out speed?

There is no cut-out speed. More wind = more power.

What size are the turbines?

We have two units; one designed for roadside use and another more compact unit. We’re still in the testing phase so the final details are yet to be defined.

How much energy can they produce?

We estimate that the turbines will produce a daily average of 10kWh per unit. Rather than follow the industry standard of measuring total output of the generator, where it is assumed the turbine is operational 24/7 all year, we prefer to offer a more realistic view. After all, it’s not always windy.

What colour are the turbines?

So far, we’ve made black, white and blue models, but we could make them in any colour.

Will they have an impact on wildlife?

Because we’re installing on the motorway, wildlife tends to keep clear, but as our turbines have a much smaller physical footprint, we expect to have a minimal impact on wildlife. We’re also looking at placing mesh around the turbines to further minimise the risk to wildlife.

Are your turbines noisy?

No, the turbines are not noisy. Our prototypes are less than 10dB. To give some context, a normal conversation is around 55dB, and whispering is about 25dB.

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