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Councils don’t need planning permission for Alpha 311 turbines

a uk motorway

The optimal location for our turbines is alongside roads, mounted to street lighting.

Placed there, they will be turned by natural wind as well as by the air turbulence created by cars and lorries as they pass on either side.

Now, we can’t just go around putting turbines on all the streetlights we come across. Local authorities own most streetlights, so we rely on cooperation and collaboration with those organisations.

Anyone who has worked for (or with) government will know that making stuff happen requires a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork.

So we were delighted when two of the local authorities we’re working with told us that our turbines don’t require planning permission.

The Alpha 311 turbine is classed as a “highway asset”, which means councils can move faster than usual and get our turbines on their roads.

Barry Thompson Alpha 311 roadside
Alpha 311 CEO and co-founder Barry Thompson, just after finding out that our roadside turbines don’t need planning permission

Once installed, we can save councils money by powering the streetlights for free and help them boost council funds via a new revenue stream.

More importantly, local communities will benefit directly from the turbines, reaping the benefits of cheaper energy which will help in the fight against fuel poverty.

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