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3,000 Alpha 311 turbines for UEC Energy

Circular road in UK

Alpha 311 is very pleased to announce that we have signed an MoU with The Ubiquity Energy Company (UEC Energy), with a goal of deploying 3,000 turbines to their customers.

This MoU will see Alpha 311 work closely with UEC Energy to provide a combined solar, battery storage and wind turbine solution. Offering our turbines alongside solar and battery storage will be especially beneficial during the colder months when there is less daylight but an increase in wind.

Through this collaboration, customers will also be able to take advantage of UEC Energy’s power purchase agreements, which can offset the capital expense of the equipment.

UEC Energy is a specialist energy engineering consultancy with a track record of designing and delivering major renewable energy programmes and has backing from Pash Global and Aquila Capital.

UEC Energy and Alpha 311 will also work on developing potential international opportunities as part of this MoU.

This latest MoU follows the announcement in August of 2,000 Alpha 311 wind turbines destined for Greater Manchester Combined Authority.


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