Our turbines are up and spinning at London’s O2 Arena

The O2 in London has become the first venue in the world to install our ground-breaking wind turbines.
Posted on 29 October 2021

The O2 in London has become the first venue in the world to install our ground-breaking wind turbines.

Back in March, we announced that the iconic venue would be the first, and now our innovative vertical axis wind turbines are up and spinning, in time for COP26.

The trial is a collaboration between Alpha 311, AEG and Crosstree Real Estate Partners, who in partnership with AEG, own and operate Icon Outlet and the Entertainment District at The O2.

We have erected three of the turbines (created in The O2’s brand colours) on top of one of the large cylinders that surround the landmark.

Another seven will be installed in the coming months. During the pilot, we will measure performance and collect data to help inform product development and other installations around the world.

Collectively, the 10 turbines could produce up to an estimated 87,600 kWhs a year, which is equivalent to the total electricity used annually by 23 British homes, providing locally-generated renewable energy to the restaurants and shops at The O2. While this is overall a small portion of the venue’s energy needs, it’s an exciting new step into the future of local and distributed 100% carbon-free electricity generation.

Lee Lacey is facility director at The O2, and said: “Working with Alpha 311 plays a part in our plans to achieve a net zero goal and we’re hopeful that the trial will be a success so we can install the remaining turbines and continue with our commitment in reducing our environmental impact.”

Alpha 311 Co-founder Barry Thompson said: “We’ve gone from announcing this collaboration to having the turbines there for the public to see in less than seven months. Given the challenges the world is facing, what the team has achieved in such a short space of time is astonishing. We continue to be hugely grateful for the support of The O2, AEG and Crosstree Real Estate Partners.”

Expect more exciting partnerships and collaborations in the coming months.