The first O2 Arena turbine is revealed

The first O2 Arena turbine is ready! Earlier this year, we announced that The O2 Arena London will be the first venue in the world to trial our vertical axis wind turbines.
Posted on 7 July 2021

The first O2 Arena turbine is ready!

Earlier this year, we announced that The O2 Arena London will be the first venue in the world to trial our vertical axis wind turbines.

We’re now really pleased to be able to show you the first turbine, which we think is a thing of beauty!

Here it is, fresh in the workshop.

This unit, and its brothers and sisters, will be installed at The O2 Arena soon.

Artist’s impression of how they might look when installed

That we’re looking forward to seeing the carbon fibre blades turning and producing power for The O2 Arena, is an understatement.

Our main objective remains to create a source of renewable energy for local use, and you can’t get much more local to The O2 than the large cylinders around the outside of the venue.

As well as providing power to The O2, we’ll capture invaluable data on how well our turbines contribute to reducing current emissions.

This first turbine, like the others being installed, is in a lovely shade of O2 blue.

It won’t make a difference to how the turbine performs but it looks great, and we’ll tailor our turbines to match the brands of any future corporate customers.

Our co-founder, John Sanderson, said: “Having the first Alpha 311 turbines up and running at the O2 is a huge milestone for us and we cannot wait to get them installed. Helping the O2 Arena meet their sustainability goals is a great privilege, and we’re really proud to be part of it.”

What about New York?

We’re working simultaneously on our next site trial at Green Asphalt in New York – a very different environment, with unique energy requirements. Gleaning as much information as possible from both sites will help us get ready for our next installations around the world.